Squadron Boating Activities Objectives

1) Plan and conduct on-the-water boating and other related activities to involve as many members as possible throughout the year as a key contributor to the Squadron member’s enjoyment, skill development and educational growth. Incorporate events to involve potential new member candidates from our community. Conduct events such that participating members with introductory skills and fundamental seamanship knowledge can benefit and grow from the support, encouragement and mentoring that boating fellowship can provide.

2) Encourage members:- to initiate pop-up, spontaneous events by notifying other members of their plans to head-out for a day on the water or other related activity- to check their email, the FMSPS Facebook page and other real-time notification means as they become in-use

3) In the situations where inclement weather threatens to cancel a planned activity, strive to substitute another activity to take advantage that members’ have already allocated the timeslot and are prepared to go have fun.

4) To better align boating activities with members’ evolving schedule and current weather trends, avoid planning the entire years’ activities at one meeting and instead use a few minutes at each monthly Squadron meeting to involve those members in attendance in the selection and planning of activities for the upcoming month. Those members unable to attend the regular meeting can submit suggestions ahead of time.